Platelet Rich Plasma Breast Lift

Dallas PRP Breast Lift Doctors perform Platelet Rich Plasma Breast Lifts to help women that are unhappy with their breasts achieve their aesthetic goals. Treating each patient as an individual, Dallas Platelet Rich Plasma Breast Lift Specialists design unique protocols for each patient, allowing women of all ages to notice immediate and significant improvements. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy can work on its own or with other therapies, such as breast implants, plastic surgery, or fillers to help women achieve fuller, perkier breasts. Platelet Rich Plasma Breast Lift Doctors Dallas have helped vast numbers of women to increase their overall self-confidence using advanced PRP protocols.

What happens during the PRP Breast Lift Procedure?

A Dallas PRP Breast Lift Doctor takes a small sample of the patient’s own blood and spins it down to obtain the platelets and growth factors. Platelets are the part of the blood that rushes to repair an injury when it occurs, and growth factors help the platelets to quickly and effectively do their job. When platelets arrive to an area, stem cells are signaled to come and make new cells to replace ones that have died, which allow tissue to be regenerated and revived.

In a PRP Breast Lift Procedure, the Platelet Rich Plasma is injected into areas of the breast that have lost their fullness, and most often this includes the cleavage area and the tops of the breasts. With aging or after nursing, the breasts fall into a teardrop like shape; however, using small injections of Platelet Rich Plasma can help to fill out cleavage and firm up the breasts. The mixture of Platelet Rich Plasma may also contain fillers, such as Juvederm, but this is entirely up to the patient. A local Dallas PRP Breast Lift Specialist can help women to decide which course of treatment is best for their personal goals.

The Breast Lift Procedure using Platelet Rich Plasma takes under an hour and does not require the use of anesthesia or downtime. Women can literally have the procedure performed during their lunch break and then go back to work and hour later. The procedure is relatively painless, and results are immediate. However, results keep improving over the course of a few weeks, as the growth factors and PRP continue to work.

Who is a candidate for a Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Breast Lift?

Because the Platelet Rich Plasma comes from the patient’s own body, there is little to no risk of allergic reactions, infections, or rejection of the PRP. Women that are immune compromised, older, or that have allergies can all enjoy the benefits of a Platelet Rich Plasma Breast Rejuvenation. Dallas Platelet Rich Plasma Doctors will discuss existing health conditions with patients to help them decide if the PRP Breast Lift is their best option.

The best candidates for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy are women that want a slight lift and more cleavage but not a significant increase in size. The Platelet Rich Plasma can help to fill out breasts that have lost fullness, but it will not drastically increase cup size. For women that want to increase their cup size, plastic surgery may be a better route. Dallas PRP Breast Lift Doctors can help women to determine the best course of treatment for their individual health conditions and goals.

How can PRP breast lifts benefit women with implants?

Platelet Rich Plasma can improve the appearance of breast implants. Women that have breast implants are often unable to obtain cleavage because surgeons cannot place implants very close together. When implants are placed too close on the rib cage, the breasts can look crooked or may not sit the right way. Some women may have lost weight after getting implants and have lost fullness to their breasts because of reduced body fat. Using Platelet Rich Plasma, a Dallas Platelet Rich Plasma Breast Lift Doctor can help women to obtain more cleavage and fuller looking breasts. Many women that already have breast implants have been able to enjoy an improved aesthetic appearance to their breasts.

Dallas PRP Breast Rejuvenation Specialists have helped vast numbers of women to enjoy fuller, plumper, and perkier breasts through the use of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. Before getting started with Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, a Dallas Platelet Rich Plasma Breast Lifts Doctors will discuss each patient’s medical history, options, and treatment goals when designing a treatment plan. Serving as a convenient, fast, and painless option for augmenting the appearance of the breasts, Platelet Rich Plasma Breast Lift has helped countless women to increase their overall self-confidence and aesthetic appearances.

To learn more about getting started with a Platelet Rich Plasma Breast Lift, contact a PRP Breast Rejuvenation Doctor in the Dallas area today to schedule a consultation!